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Youth Sunday

Aloha Parents,

Youth Sunday is one month away! This is our opportunity to showcase to you and the rest of the church what it is that we do downstairs and how much our students have grown. This year’s Youth Sunday will be on Sunday, May 5.

We’re excited because from this year moving forward, it will be the first Sunday of May every year, and this year’s theme will be “Diamond in the Rough”. The diamond is the hardest mineral found on earth. It is also one of the most desired because of its beauty and reflective nature. In using the diamond as a metaphor for our lives, we want to talk about how God uses difficult experiences to bring us strength, shape us, and expose who we are meant to be in Christ, a reflection of Him.

Our hope is that all of our youth will be involved, and we encourage everyone to allow their students to be a part of all the services. Please encourage your child to sign up for one of the specific roles for the day. We are looking for greeters, ushers, announcers, and actors in all of the services. Everyone else will be joining us on the choir bleachers during the service as singers during worship. 

If you are interested, we also need families who are interested in bringing food for our students as it will be a long day for them, and a little bit of food goes a long way. If you are interested in helping us out with this, please email us at youth@fpchawaii.org.

We are asking everyone who is not told otherwise to be at church at 7:30am to be ready for the service. Last year’s Youth Sunday was a great success, and we are looking forward to what this year holds.


Matt & Christian

FPC Youth